All-Russian action "Auto-Motogear"

In October, the campaign for all road users called "Auto-Motogear". Its purpose is to draw attention to the problem of donation, to motivate the participants of traffic on a regular blood donation. Every year on the roads of Russia killed more than 200,000 people, and victims of road accidents often need a blood transfusion. In the salvation of those in disaster man can contribute every person becoming a donor in the framework of the"Auto-Motogear".

The event is held twice a year, in October and April, the time interval between two events motostar. Especially after six months of each donor should be tested again to the blood service could retire, that the blood is not infected.

Members auto and Moto - organization are people with an active social position, they are always ready to support charity and good deeds. Each year support the promotion and the traffic police. Only in Ufa during the week the campaign donors wished to be more than 300 people.

All the information about nearby points of blood transfusion and recommendations in preparation for transfusion can be read on the website

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