All newlyweds is "wedding hangover", say psychologists

In the continuation of the joy of a prisoner of marriage after the end of the honeymoon, you may experience difficulties. According to psychologists, the first year, in particular, is considered the most difficult in married life. According to The Herald Sun, the people, married less than a year, satisfaction with life has been much less than couples who have lived for several years.

According to Australian experts, this is due largely to stress because of the financial cost of the wedding and buying a house. Index of personal well-being, husband of not more than one year, was 73,9. The rate corresponds to the rate of 73.8-76,7.

Worst of all (69,2) it from those who went. For them the only solution will be an entry into remarriage. But by the second year of a joint life happens improvement (78,4), remaining at this level and increasing with each subsequent year. The best feeling is different lived with a partner for more than 40 years (79,8). Thus there is a direct relationship between marriage and well-being. For married follow widowers and those who support the relationship de facto.

The survey revealed that a low level of well-being in the first year of marriage was associated with a low level of satisfaction with standard of living.

According to the study's author Dr. Melissa Weinberg from Dikanskogo University, we are talking about the phenomenon of "wedding hangover". Planning a wedding is like the best day in my life. And then people aware of the reality of accounts require payment, you need to get to work after the holidays.

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