All about ceramic braces

What are braces? Braces is a special system that allows you to permanently correct curves in the jaw and align the bite. It is believed that such procedures are only children, however, technology has progressed and now braces can help adults who suffer from curvature of the growth of teeth.

How does this system? Braces are separate metal clips that attach to the front or the rear teeth, between which extends a special dental fishing line, pulling the teeth on the correct line growth. At last, chewing teeth set special form covering the whole tooth, and it is through her set the total tension.

At first, the braces can deliver discomfort, painful process lasts about two days, slowly fading with each doctor's visit. After 2-3 months of use braces can observe the result that reduces the discomfort to a minimum visibility.

Typically, braces are for the period from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the complexity of the situation. Then there is a period of fixation, where dentists recommend wearing a special plate for half a year. However, it can be worn exclusively at night, or to wear at home.

System installation brackets continues to evolve, and now the doctors offer their patients a fundamentally new methods. Some may be obvious, others take minimal discomfort.

Ceramic braces, the price of which is quite high, they are made from a hypoallergenic ceramic or synthetic sapphire, have an attractive appearance and is almost invisible on the teeth. These braces, like classical, mounted on self-curing adhesive, and serve throughout the repair curvatures.

Some ceramics may be selected under the shades, while the other is made transparent. This allows you to make braces more discreet.

While regular metal braces prohibit the use of hot meals, carbonated drinks and hard food, ceramic system has fewer requirements, but it is more expensive in price.

Ceramic braces are also more reliable solution, as compared with metal, and the effect of correcting these braces do not require subsequent use of dental records. Thus, the high price is justified by the quality, and less soreness wearing ceramic braces.

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