Align the teeth with veneers

Now is the rapid development of technological processes, they did not pass by and medicine. This is especially true for dentistry, in which every year, we develop new methods of treatment, drugs for pain, the materials for bonding and more advanced equipment. Today, you can not just remove the tooth and cure tooth decay, and even the restoration of all teeth.

One of the latest developments of dentistry in the field of restoration - veneers, representing ceramic thin plate. They help efficiently get rid of visible defects of teeth on their front. These dental items allow to solve the following visible problems:

• bleach darkened teeth;

• to eliminate the defects of the chip;

• hide wide gaps between teeth;

• lengthen short teeth;

• align individual tooth or an entire set of teeth.

Veneers can correct teeth that are deviant from the norm. These dental plates are a great alternative to bricks. Glued on top of the crooked teeth, they will qualitatively hide this deficiency. High professionalism of doctors and modern specialized equipment allows for safe and guaranteed to perform such procedure.

For the alignment of the teeth using ceramic plates should start to make a mould of the teeth that need straightening. This procedure allow to give a desired shape corresponding to the front surface of the teeth. Next, the dentist will be conducted to prepare teeth for bonding wafers with the aid of special tools. If need be, the teeth will have a slightly obecity. Then, almost at the last visit, the doctor will make a fitting finish veneer, and then paste them to the front of torontolow on the enamel. Pasted plate with the help of special glue, which protects teeth from caries under the plates and having other beneficial properties. In addition, the composition of this adhesive allows quite firmly glued veneers and secure their adhesion to the teeth for a long time.

The use of ceramic plates for defects of the teeth has a number of advantages:

- these plates for years do not change their hue;

- the speed of treatment (especially in comparison with braces);

- lower cost in comparison with braces.

But there is a drawback. Because veneers are very thin, rough handling can break. But there are disadvantages when using braces.

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New teeth, straightened veneers will make your smile radiant and will add confidence to their owner.

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