Algae hiding a cure for blindness

Popular species of algae can be used to synthesize the cure of blindness, experts say the company Retrosense. The plant contains a light-sensitive protein. His scientists plan to transplant in the retina of blind people to restore vision. About it reports The Daily Mail.

In the near future the company plans to start clinical trials with the participation of the first volunteers. The technology had time to test in laboratory conditions, it is completely safe.

In the proteins of unicellular algae species chlamydomonas reinhardtii. They are able to walk in the water column, striving for the light. Sunlight they need for photosynthesis.

The human eye uses light-sensitive proteins, for example, reopen-2. Scientists are going to transplant the gene for this protein directly into the eyeball. This should give blind people a limited vision.

Now recruited the first group of volunteers in the experiment will be attended by 15 people with retinitis pigmentosa. Because this disease is a loss of sensitivity, which leads to complete blindness.

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