Algae can cause the development of incurable disease

Experts from America and Australia argue that blue-green algae can cause severe disease associated with dysfunction of motor neurons. In this group of algae contains a toxic substance that when ingested in food can cause disturbances in the Central nervous system, says Xinhua.

When this develops muscle weakness, loss of speech. In these patients, there is a weakening of swallowing reflex, convulsions, tics, weight reduction. When the mass death of motor neurons may develop paralysis.

The present study was conducted on the island of GUAM. It was there that the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders above 50-100 times. Scientists have found in blue-green algae substance-related amino acid BMAA. This connection follows the same structure of serine, which is involved in the synthesis of proteins of an organism.

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Scientists say that BMAA is able to integrate instead of serine in the protein. This leads to the accumulation of damaged proteins. Perhaps this discovery will allow us to develop the most effective thing in the world against movement disorders neurons.

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