Alcoholism treatment, stage of alcoholism

Alcoholism treatment is most likely in PepsiAmericas patient care, rather than medical therapy. Therefore, in the treatment of alcoholism plays a big role the methodology itself, which will be treated, and not the drugs used for relief of withdrawal symptoms or eliminate the causes of alcoholism.

It is the method of treatment of alcoholism determines the efficiency of the recovery of a person from this disease. Therefore, all qualified clinic before starting the treatment of alcoholism, determine the degree of alcohol dependence patient.

The development of alcohol dependence goes through three main stages, preceded by prodromal (hidden) period. This period of temptation, when a person consumes alcoholic beverages on an ad hoc basis, for example, on holidays, after work in the evenings, or on weekends. Such consumption of alcohol, often referred to as "cultural drink." At this time, the disease manifests itself, people can control themselves, not to drink to the insanity. But, it often happens that "cultural drinking turns into alcoholism, which proceeds in several stages.

• The first stage - people are attracted to the alcohol and tries to justify every excuse to drink. In this stage there is a loss of control over the amount received alcohol. In the absence of opportunities to enjoy the attraction to alcohol at the time decreases, but if you drink alcohol, it attracted renewed.

• The second stage is the craving for alcohol becomes stronger. People completely ceases to control yourself and drink as long as no longer to stay on his feet. Increased endurance for alcohol. Intoxicated patient becomes unpredictable and dangerous to others. A characteristic feature of the transition of the first stage of alcoholism the second is the appearance of severe withdrawal (hangover). In mild cases the patient can wait till the evening and pohmelitsy after work, in severe cases, people pohmelitsy in the morning or even at night.

• The third stage is the use of alcohol becomes daily. The withdrawal syndrome is very difficult. There are disorders of the psyche, there are alcohol liver, kidneys and other organs.

Clearly define the boundaries of these stages is impossible, as impossible to determine the time of transition from one stage to another, because each individual organism. Therefore, the treatment of alcoholism is always being developed individually for each patient.

Recently began to receive a lot of clinics and private doctors offering treatment for alcoholism at home literally within half an hour. This treatment is only in the "coding" of the patient, podselenii special preparations of type "esperal" or "torpedo". The effectiveness of this treatment, without psychological support of the patient, is often very low. And sometimes it happens that such treatment of alcoholism leads to negative consequences.

Therefore, in order to get really good help, you should choose rehabilitation centers who practice a comprehensive approach to the treatment of alcoholism and offer a good rehabilitation program.

The treatment of alcoholism, we offer specialized rehabilitation centres, consists of several stages.

1. Initial consultation - at this stage the scheme and methods of treatment of alcoholism. This step is very important, as it determines the efficiency of the entire future therapy. If necessary, you can use call the psychiatrist on the house.

2. Alcohol detoxification is the stage of detox from alcohol and recovery of the liver, kidneys and brain. Thus are removed from the body of all toxic substances accumulated during alcohol intake, and easier for withdrawal syndrome. But this is not the treatment of alcoholism, but only a preparatory stage.

3. The treatment of alcoholism (substitute alcohol + coding + rehabilitation) is the stage of direct treatment, it is individual for each patient and includes medication and psychotherapy effects on the body.

All of the above-described steps are essential to ensure good results in the treatment of alcoholism. Of course, such treatment may have some differences in each rehabilitation center, but its essence always remains the same.

Thus, the treatment of alcoholism - it is always a complex therapy, which is developed for each patient individually. Individually screened and drugs that will be used in the treatment.

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In conclusion we can say the following: the sooner You are aware of your problem and take the decision to start the treatment of alcoholism, the easier it will be to deal with this addiction.

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