Alcoholism is woman enough 6 months

After a long festivities, the number of patients diagnosed with delirium tremens increases several times, but particularly the addiction is extremely concerned about the increasing number of women that degrade from alcoholism.

According to the doctors - "to resist the influence of alcohol, the woman's body almost can not. In order to become an alcoholic, a man needs about ten years to the same woman to become an alcoholic just six months."

"Female alcoholism runs many times more difficult, because the protective barrier functions in the female body is much smaller than the male body. Therefore, if a woman is drunk, and if she was to test the dependence of 3-4 stage, the treatment will be quite complex," said Igor Tsyba, chief physician of the Donetsk obnarodovaniya.

The minimum rate of alcohol addiction treatment is a course for three weeks. To cleanse the body from toxins alcohol patients inject and put a dropper with strong chemicals. This treatment is not cheap, but because it pays mostly relatives of patients.

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