Alcoholism can be overcome with the help of computer programs

Employees Liverpool University announced the creation of a computer program that can be used in the treatment of alcoholics people. The developers claim that it helps to reduce significantly the consumption of alcohol.

According to experts, in the process, drinkers have the habit to the so-called automatic self-control in relation to alcohol. The program involves pressing volunteers a certain button when the monitor displays a soft or alcoholic drink. While performing their job was stopped when the audio signal. Subjects from one group signal was played in the moment appeared the image of alcoholic beverage, and the other heard the signal simultaneously with the appearance of an image, nothing to do with alcoholic beverages. Also, volunteers were given the opportunity of drinking beer during the execution of the test job.

The results of the experiment showed that the subjects from the first group of beer were consumed in much smaller quantities. As they told in order to perform this test, they were forced to themselves to apply more stringent controls.

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