Alcoholism can be cured by means of light waves - the scientists

The influence of light waves with a certain Dina wave starts the control of the system control alcohol consumption. The data were confirmed in an experiment on mice. Success in the chosen field will help to develop new methods of treatment of alcoholism and other psychological dependencies and variance, informs The Francial Express, referring to the research scholars of the University of Buffalo.

The method is based on optogenetics. Light affects the process of secretion of dopamine. This hormone is responsible for mood and behavior. In the experiment, the rats were accustomed to alcoholism, then impacted in a light wave with specific wavelength. This kind of therapy has allowed to achieve some success. Although the effect was moderate, it allowed the animals to give up alcohol.

The therapeutic effect was maintained after the end of the procedures. Light stimulation has several advantages compared to electrical stimulation. Light can affect certain groups of neurons and has a selective effect. However the efficiency of the method is possible only with the introduction of a specially designed virus in the genetic part of the cells. The virus encodes a protein that is sensitive to the perception of light and has a positive effect on the limitation or exclusion of alcohol.

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