Alcoholic drinks and meat "improvers" of tobacco taste

Many smokers with a lot of experience behind cannot part with addiction, even though today there are a huge number of techniques that help a person goodbye to Smoking.

A team of experts from the state University of Buffalo, it was found that in order to facilitate the cessation of Smoking, you simply need to reconsider your diet. It turns out that there are products that can affect the taste of tobacco, but there is another category of products, which, by contrast, are the "improvers" of taste sensations while Smoking. In particular, for people who have decided to permanently quit Smoking, can help diet, rich in fresh vegetables and fruits.

As a result of the research, which was attended by thousands of people who have declared yourself, smoke cigarettes for a long time, it was found that the inclusion in the diet of fruits and vegetables allows three times faster from bad habits to give up. All research participants were firm intention to quit. The experiment lasted for one and a half years.

The authors of the study suggest that the beneficial effect on the body's Smoking cessation have also dietary fiber contained in the pulp of vegetables and fruits. Compounds of plant origin contribute to the deterioration of the taste of tobacco in the Smoking process, which allows the patient to quickly say goodbye to the addiction. But products such as meat, alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks, on the contrary, only improve the taste of tobacco.

Additional studies are planned in the near future, and they will be aimed at revealing the mechanism of the effect of vegetables and fruits on the human body that have the addiction to Smoking.

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