Alcohol use in adolescence increases the chance of becoming alcohol-dependent

A group of German scientists headed by Miriam Schneider from the Institute of mental health in Mannheim found that those adolescents who consume alcohol during their puberty are more likely to be predisposed to alcohol in adult life. This fact, according to pharmacologist Rainer Spanagel, due to the fact that in this period the reward system of the brain undergoes some changes, and in this phase are alcohol-related remuneration.

Their study, researchers from Germany conducted both in humans and rodents, reports Inopressa. For a long time watched 283 young people. The main factor that scientists have drawn attention, it had a teenager to get acquainted with alcohol during puberty. It should be noted that the mentioned period lasts about two years, at the age of 12-14 years.

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According to the researchers, the risk of becoming an alcoholic were minimal in those cases, if the teenager tried alcohol before or after puberty. If first time teen tried alcohol during her puberty, the risk of becoming a big fan of alcoholic drinks increased significantly. Scientists plan to continue their research, but it should be noted that the obtained results of this experiment contradict the opinion that the risk of alcoholism increases in people who have tried alcohol at an early age. In addition, different phases in human development have also an important role.

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