Alcohol only helps older women - scientists

Experts from the UK and Australia came to the conclusion that alcohol is useful only in moderation and for older women older than 65 years. Other alcoholic beverages for recovery is not worth it.

Data were established in the course of the experiment. Ten years, scientists watched 50 thousands of people from all over the planet. Each participant of the experiment answered the question, how often and what kind of alcohol he consumes.

According to the obtained results, the alcohol harm anyone, regardless of the number and strength of drinks consumed. However, in the group of elderly women older than 65 years, scientists have not noticed this trend. In limited quantities for the ladies alcohol can have a positive impact.

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The negative impact was almost attacked by a group of men aged 50 to 64 years old, that also attracts attention. According to the data, people who allow themselves a little bit of alcohol live longer than staunch non-drinkers.

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