Alcohol is the most attractive thing for dieters

People sat on the diet, stretches to alcohol more than sweets, writes The Daily Mail. It is alcohol consumption often leads to the disruption (50% of cases). In their study, the researchers followed a group of 80 people on a diet. Each received a personal diary, where noted products, forced to abandon his plan for the fight against excess weight.

Research has shown that people on average 11 times per week is tempted to abandon his plan. In half of the cases thought was true, and people are really frustrated. A particularly strong temptation arose when the feeling of hunger and at parties with alcohol. Scientists have noted that alcohol surpasses even the sweets by the force of gravity during weight loss.

Alcohol has a high calorie content, as rarely is separate from food consumption. Five pints of beer correspond to a 44.2 kcal for one year, and a couple of glasses of white wine - this is the fifth of a diet for women. Most often the failure occurs in the evening time. Scientists attribute this to the General loss of strength and evening hikes in restaurants and family dinners, where can resist delicious food very difficult.

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And another interesting fact. If there are friends who appetite to absorb another portion, in the brain a signal of "Me too!". Therefore, researchers are advised to restrain myself from visiting places where the chance of failure is relatively high. Over time, the desire to eat a donut or drink a glass of beer will be reduced.

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