Alcohol intoxication causes a decrease in the proportion of hospital mortality

According to The Daily Mail, with the active consumption of alcohol people can end up in the hospital, but the risk that he would die, being hospitalized, is reduced. In fact, the mortality rates are reduced even with a slight intoxication.

According to Lee Friedman of the University of the state of Illinois, this does not mean that you should consume alcohol, but the fact is no doubt: for example, for injuries alcohol has a protective effect. The more the body the alcohol content, the better it is protected.

This is confirmed by the analysis of data collected in the departments of emergency medicine, where from 1995 to 2009 turned 190612 patient. In their blood were found to alcohol content, ranging from 0 to 0.5%. Among all hospitalized those who died in hospital, was 6733 people.

The study examined data of people with fractures, open wounds, internal injuries, burns. Any concentration of alcohol was useful in all cases, except for burns. The largest concentration led to the decline of the mortality rate by almost half.

Moreover, it is no secret that the use of alcohol in animals have shown a neuroprotective effect. While it is difficult to say, the occurrence of any of the processes happening in the body. If this mystery will be able to disclose, in the future it is possible to develop drugs that mimic its action of alcohol.

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