Alcohol in moderation increases the immunity of the person

A recent study scientists proves that moderate doses of alcohol can activate the immune system, to make it stronger to fight off infections and diseases. The data were published in the journal Vaccine.

Scientists conducted the experiment with the participation of 12 macaques. First of all they got the alcohol as an additive. In a short time was made the first vaccination against smallpox. Then the animals were divided into two groups. The first group received the alcohol and the second is the sweet water. After some time, the monkeys again was vaccinated.

Scientists noted that after the first vaccination the results were the same among all monkeys. Heavy drinkers monkeys had reduced immune response to infection. However, those monkeys that received a limited amount of alcohol had increased resistance against diseases. Scientists suggest that alcohol can have similar effect, if not to abuse it.

Note that the study is exploratory in nature. The data can be projected on the person and not to do with him. You should always remember that alcohol in large amounts is harmful to the body and is the cause of many diseases.

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