Alcohol improves the quality of intimate life - the scientists

Alcohol can improve the quality of the intimate life of a man, sure, Australian scientists from the Institute for medical research them. Keota. The data were confirmed during the survey 1580 people. Previously it was thought that alcohol only interfere with sex life, reduce the attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Volunteers told about their favorite drinks and about how much they use them. Then each asked about intimate life, the frequency and quality of sex. The survey showed that moderate alcohol consumption can improve the quality of sex life by 30%.

Scientists noted that five servings of alcohol per week does not affect erectile function for men. Meet friends at the bar reduce the rate of sexual disorders. Such people rarely complain about their sex life than those who do not drink alcohol at all or drink once a week.

In addition, Australian scientists have found another interesting fact. Constant consumption of large doses of alcohol lead to the development of problems in the sexual life of a person. Not protected from such disasters, even those who started with daily drink. Life smokers and people with heart disease and blood vessels is not much better.

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