Alcohol helps only 15% of people - scientists

Experts from the Sahlgrenska Academy Gothenburg University have found that alcohol can be healthy for some people. Those, by the way, was not so much.

Benefit and harm from alcohol determines not only the quantity and quality of the drinks, but the features of the human genotype. People with the gene CETP TaqIB alcohol in small doses acts as a way to prevent coronary heart disease.

Just experiment took part 618 volunteers received data, the researchers compared with a control group of three thousand healthy people.

Participants were divided into three groups depending on the amount of alcohol consumed. Further, each volunteer was subjected to analysis of genotype to determine gene CETP TaqIB. Media were not much is 15% of the number of volunteers.

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Summing up, the scientists advised not to abuse alcohol and reasonably relate to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. At full health with a glass of wine does not hurt, but excessive alcohol can result in serious diseases of all organs and systems.

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