Alcohol helps in encounters with the opposite sex - the scientists

Most of you know that alcohol increases the desire to the opposite sex. Only a couple of glasses of wine for pronounced effect, according to scientists from the University of Bristol.

Scientists conducted an experiment. Volunteers were asked to look at pictures of women, men and landscapes before and after alcohol consumption, writes IBN Live.

It was found that small doses of alcohol did not change the perception of the attractiveness of the opposite sex. Scientists do not strongly believe in the received data, in practice, they believe that things can be otherwise. But one can say that alcohol relieves internal barriers and increases determination in Dating. Simply put, under the degrees easier to make decisions.

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The volunteers after the serving of alcohol was evaluated pictures with members of the opposite sex more highly. Plans to conduct similar studies in terms of bars and pubs. Maybe it will help to establish why drunk people it is easier to go for risky behavior.

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