Alcohol destroys bone

The systematic use of alcoholic beverages will ultimately lead to reduced density and increased fragility of bone of the skeleton. Thus, the alcohol containing drinks significantly increase the risk of bone fracture, as evidenced by the results of recent studies.

It is well known that elderly people suffer from serious fractures, for example such as a hip fracture, which in turn for a long time leads victims to full obedienee.

Scientists have found that under the influence of alcohol in violation of genes involved in the formation of the skeleton. The function of these genes is to "restore" the bone that the aging body loses its properties, but the alcohol this process puts obstacles.

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The experiments on rodents have shown that alcohol has the strongest influence on the work of about 300 genes, and the amount of bone tissue is dramatically decreased by 15%, compared with those who abstain from alcohol. A similar mechanism is very relevant for people, scientists say.

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