Alcohol and sun increase the incidence of melanoma

Scientists warn: alcoholic drinks inhibit the skin's ability to withstand UV radiation. This factor increases the risk of skin cancer, informs The Telegraph. The combination of two factors increases the risk of melanoma by 20-55%, it all depends on the dose of alcohol and exposure.

Previously, scientists have proven that alcohol increases the formation of sunburn. Blame the toxins that further destroy the tissues of the body. Being drunk man on the sun is extremely dangerous, especially if the summer sun. Heat increases blood pressure, alcohol has the same effect. As a result, the risk of heart attack, angina and heart attack increases significantly.

But back to the topic of skin cancer. Alcohol depress the immune system, which allows the cancer cells quickly multiply. As a result, the finding under the sun under the influence of alcohol can result in strong thermal burns, and in the future skin cancer.

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Alcohol is an aggressive factor, which has an irritant effect on the digestive organs. It is proved that alcoholics often do with cancer of the esophagus, stomach and intestines.

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