Alcohol abuse in old age has more serious consequences

The researchers found that alcohol has a stronger effect on the elderly than in the young. Pensioners who abuse alcohol, forgetting to take medication, and also more likely to have fractures due to falls than middle-aged people. To this opinion reached by scientists from the University of Texas in the study, the results of which are published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

Thus, alcohol consumption in old age has more serious consequences than in middle age or young. Scientists have conducted studies on rodents. All of them were given the same amount of alcohol, but then the worst memory and coordination demonstrated exactly older individuals.

Another research study conducted in this area by scientists from University College London found that millions of older people believe that drinking alcohol in moderation, but really, they abuse them. Older people often do you drink alcoholic beverages during family or religious holidays, when meeting friends or family. More than 70 percent of retirees drink regularly, and although a large part of them cannot be described as alcoholics, millions drinking older people exceeds the permitted limit of alcohol. Thereby the risk of injuries, falls and memory problems have increased.

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