Air pollution damages the scalp and causes dandruff

The cause of dandruff is the fungus Malassezia globosa. The source of his power – cutaneous fat. As one of the products of metabolism, the body produces lactic acid, irritating the skin and causing its peeling, reports The Daily Mail.

Dandruff can be more or less, it may not be. Scientists from Procter and Gamble has set, it's all in the degree of air pollution. High risk of dandruff is associated with the level gidroksilirovanii acids on the scalp.

This substance tells about the oxidation processes in the skin, associated with the proliferation of the fungus and pollution. Proven, residents of large industrial cities are significantly more likely to suffer from problems with hair.

Experts from Procter and Gamble also proved that the chemicals circulating in the air, affect all the skin, causing irritation and allergic reactions.

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