Air pollution car exhaust affects the incidence of cancer among children

The specialists of the University of South Carolina was able to prove that the level of contamination of the exhaust gas is correlated with the risk of cancer in infants. This was announced in his report presented at the meeting of the American Association for cancer research.

Using computer models, researchers conducted an analysis of the level of air pollution by vehicles in different areas of California, and then he divided them into 4 groups, depending on the degree of contamination. Then they studied the cases of cancer that have been identified for the period from 1998 to the year 2007 at 3590 children.

In the result, it was found that in the areas with the most polluted atmosphere, the incidence of certain cancers has been the most high. The most common species were acute lymphoblastic leukemia, tumors of the reproductive organs and retinoblastoma.

According to the researchers obtained their results relate to the three trimesters of pregnancy, and are important for children in their first year of life, when they are very sensitive to polluted atmosphere. It should be noted that previous research had already established a link between the degree of air pollution by car exhausts and development in children asthma and autism.

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