Air conditioning in offices is dangerous for women scientists

Scientists from the Medical center of the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands) concluded that the settings of most of air conditioning in offices is dangerous to women's health. Too cool air causes discomfort and can lead to colds employees.

The average temperature in the office is 21 degrees. It's aimed at men dressed in formal suits. Women often come to work in shorts and skirts. Relatively low temperature can harm your health.

The ideal temperature for women scientists call the period of 23.2 to 26.1 degrees. Men can work at temperatures from 18 to 24 degrees. However, a comfortable temperature is an individual matter.

Researchers are advised Executive staff to change the room temperature to 23.5-24 degrees. This will not only increase the productivity of employees, but will also protect them from hypothermia.

A number of other studies proving the harm of conditioning. As a result of long use in the filter accumulates a lot of bacteria, including pathogenic.

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