AIDS in Russia is out of control - the scientists

Russian scientists draw attention to the alarming incidence of AIDS in the country. According to the latest data about one percent of citizens (one in every hundred people) suffer from this disease. Information submitted by the laboratory of immunochemistry, Institute of Virology Minsotszdrava and molecular biology of HIV.

In Russia there are about 880 thousand people with HIV. These are official figures. In fact, the situation looks even more threatening. Up to half a million infected people registered medical services.

Disturbing fact increase HIV patients from year to year. Treatment receives only a small percentage of those who it really is required.

In Africa, AIDS has gradually learned to cope, there is a decrease in the intensity of the epidemic. In Russia, apparently, the disease is only gaining momentum.

Experts believe that the country is on the threshold of HIV-disaster. Disease immunodeficiency serious, requires a comprehensive approach to the identification, prevention and treatment.

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"For Russia awful Ebola and banal HIV virus," says Edward Karamov, the head of the laboratory of immunochemistry, Institute of Virology Minsotszdrava.

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