Aging managed to stop

Japanese scientists have recently revealed that the incoming protein C1q in the system enzymes in human blood can influence the aging process. Experts have found the way of a direct impact on the protein and control the aging process in humans. However, studies are still at the initial stage, as reported to the scientists themselves, who managed to make such an important discovery.

Protein, like everyone else in the system enzymes, protects the body from various infections, builds the immune system.

Scientists were able to immerse protein C1q "in a dream" and, thus, to completely stop the aging process of the human body. It was open secret of youth.

It should be noted that, thus affecting protein C1q, stopping the aging process, people deprived of their immune system, which receives at birth.

Research continues, and soon, maybe, everyone knows the secret to a long life and eternal youth. But before that you need to spend far more than one experiment and to conduct research to a new level. Only some time later, perhaps, we will hear about the final stages of this research by Japanese scientists.

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