Aging bones can be a long slow jogs

Prolonged Jogging is beneficial for the locomotor system of man. Scientists from the University Camilo josé SELA proved that the load of this kind prevent premature decrease in bone density. The results of this work tells the publication European Journal of Applied Physiology.

The researchers conducted a survey of 20 athletes and 75 volunteers that pertained to sports in different ways. Someone from the second group running almost every day, others led a sedentary lifestyle and are not of high physical activity.

The highest bone density was among professional athletes. Volunteers involved in running sometimes, was similar. The lowest bone density was detected among inactive people, who spend most of his life in bed and sitting at the table.

The study confirms the old saying. Indeed, in the movement – the human life. Increased fragility of bones – is a high risk of fracture even with minor trauma. If a fracture occurs in old age, bones can grow together only after months and even years. Therefore, maintaining bone health is so important to humans.

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