Age 23 years and 69 years is recognized as the most happy

Scientists from Britain, it was found that people are most happy in the age category 23 and 69 years. As it became known, the younger generation, which is a little over twenty-happy, lives in the expectation of their future. At this age a person begins to worry about how to provide for themselves and their entire lives. Generation, which is already under seventy happily in their own way as they learned not to take to heart all sorts of adversity and to overcome difficulties, rejoice that has accomplished something and learned something.

As a source informs NEWSru Ukraine, people whose age was past 50, considered to be the most miserable, because youth is over, and now they are in a different age category. In this case, do not worry about the fact that failed to realize, because it is quite acceptable.

During the research it was found that people who were born in hard times, are less happy than those who are born in times of peace.

According to psychologists the main reason, which has the greatest effect on the psychological health of the person is a career that is successful, as well as a pledge of good internal condition is physically healthy.

Before the Australians suggested that the so-called "formula of happiness", which is a loving partner, a major annual earnings and social activity.

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