Against Smoking in the presence of children are the Russians

Portal "Healthy Russia" Instalowanie conducted an Internet survey to find out how Russian citizens refer to this phenomenon as passive Smoking, on which individual parents condemn their children, reported by AMI-TASS.

As it turned out that more than half (57.1 percent) from 3978 respondents Smoking in presence of children strongly condemn. 11 percent of all try not to smoke in the house, because in any case carcinogenic compounds in cigarette smoke are deposited on the furniture. But that's 10.9 percent of the citizens smoke, being near children, only if they are on the street and exhale the smoke away from the kids side.

7.8 per cent of the respondents had smoked in the room, but only when the child was not in it. For example, a lot of Russians smoke in the kitchen, and then try to properly ventilate the room. 2.9 percent smoke near an open window (window), strongly believing in what their children are absolutely not in danger and they are in full security, naively believing that the harmful substances out of the window.

4.3% of respondents smoke in a residential location, and other enclosed space, just in case. In the list of "mitigating circumstances" include: relatively low temperature on the street, not giving the opportunity to go out to smoke on the balcony, and traffic jams. By the way, that there were those who didn't see anything wrong with the passive Smoking of children. The share of so-called "optimists" was about 5.9 percent.

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