Again about peanuts

Many people think that the peanut is a nut, but it is not so. Peanut belongs to the class of oil-yielding crops and is a plant of low stature which belongs to the legume family that loves humidity and heat.

In peanuts contain a lot of calories. For example, 100 grams of peanuts, there are 551 kcal. Peanuts are known for manufacturing of oil, as well as the fact that it is an antioxidant, which successfully protects the human body from free radicals. He succeeds because it includes polifenoles.

Peanuts should take place in the diet of any person due to its useful properties. Interesting, but during roasting peanuts does not lose its beneficial properties, but, on the contrary, acquires. Roasted peanuts are more useful than raw almost 25 percent. Its antioxidant properties peanuts is in second place after the grenade. It also improves the digestive process.

But in spite of all its useful properties, eat peanut can not for everyone. In large quantities it can cause harm to the body, and some people have an allergic reaction, which occurs because proteins that are part of it. Peanut Allergy in some cases can lead to death.

That's why experts advise to eat peanuts in moderation and strictly metered. As already noted, it is high in calories, so people with obesity include it in your diet only after receiving a consultation with a dietitian.

But in other cases, peanuts remains one of the useful products. As with other products, the harm from him can be only in case of excessive consumption, and if not to forget the sense of proportion, to give peanuts you every day.

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