After the death of human stem cells live for another two weeks

Scientists and doctors are constantly looking on the subject of stem cell research, which, as everyone knows, are extremely valuable material for the treatment of many very serious diseases. Among these diseases is cancer.

French scientists have found that the lifespan of stem cells is not one or two days, as was previously believed, and much longer. So, stem cells, muscular tissue man can live seventeen days, and cells of mice after cardiac arrest live sixteen days.

The cells are in no way lose their ability to develop into muscle cells. Stem cells have a more interesting way to adapt to difficult conditions - they have reduced metabolism and fall into a kind of suspended animation". Thanks to such an extreme manner and based on the life of the cells after the death of the host body.

French scientists believe that a truly phenomenal discovery will be an invaluable help in the search for new sources and methods a kind of "conservation!" stem cells.

Stem cells are of great assistance in the treatment of many pathologies. In particular, scientists are also studying the ability of cells to regenerate damage associated with diseases or as a result of any accident.

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