After some time, tablets will replace hours of physical training

Researchers from the research Institute of Florida as a result of scientific work was encouraged by the fact that soon the people who want to shed extra pounds, don't have to do fitness. Instead, the researchers invented a pill, drinking you can lose weight.

Creating a connection SR9009, and typing its full rodents, began to observe the following. Once in the mice, the connection is activated by a protein that controls circadian rhythms and internal system of the body. This was followed by a decrease in the body weight of rodents, and the level of cholesterol has also become smaller. Most importantly, the animals were spending more energy on five percent without increasing physical activity.

The next step was to check the working process of the protein. For these purposes were derived obese rodents with good appetite and low stamina to physical exertion. After protein in the body is activated, these mice were razed their sports performance with the results of conventional relatives. As a consequence of this connection helped to increase mice endurance and without training.

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Researchers hope the new drug will be able to replace the person going to the gym. But as noted, this product before entering the mass should be tested for toxicity.

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