After IVF, the second child may appear in a natural way

Scientists conducted an analytical study according to the findings of which after IVF to conceive independently of the second and third child without the help of doctors capable of 17 percent of the couples.

These pairs previously recognised doctors barren, was able to conceive and give birth to a second or third child on their own, after the first child was born by in vitro fertilization. Specialist of the French National research Institute Penelope Labour decided to do after such facts a study of the phenomenon of spontaneous pregnancy.

She and her colleagues were able to collect data on 2100 couples who have undergone IVF. According to statistics, more than half of couples using IVF were able to have a baby, and 17 percent were able to have children naturally.

There is also 24 percent of couples from those who were unable to have a child even with the help of the EC, which could subsequently independently to conceive children.

These data should provide women around the world hope that infertility today, not a sentence. Even if you have not helped IVF, there is always a great chance at a baby. As you know you cannot determine the cause of infertility in only 12 percent of cases, in other cases it is the fault of often low quality of sperm and hormonal disorders and women.

"If you are not able to conceive even with the help of IVF, this does not mean an end to the dreams of their own child, the chance always remains, just in some cases it is extremely low or not zero," says the doctor Work.

According to the Penelope Work, it pairs with unknown cause of infertility the greatest chance of spontaneous pregnancy.

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