The Hepatology warn all those people who are going to cleanse your body from the harmful effects of the Christmas holidays, such as excessive consumption of alcohol and all kinds of food: detox diet is not a panacea. On the contrary, it may even hurt.

Representatives of the organization " Hepatitis Australia conducted a survey of 600 people, 70 percent of whom believed that diets using detox products will help to restore normal liver function after the new year holidays.

According to a specialist gastroenterologist Simon Strasser similar experiments on liver fraught its destruction, because the fat stored in its cells, and no one diet is not able him to do something. Actually, in the liver there are no accumulated toxins, and to maintain the normal form is better in the year to take care of her, watching his diet and adhering to a healthy lifestyle.

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If a person has a diseased liver, detox diet it hurt, because sudden weight loss will lead to an increase in the concentration of fat in it. This will exacerbate liver disease that can lead to sad consequences such as cirrhosis or cancer, the occurrence of which also provokes excessive alcohol consumption.

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