After birth, the stress experienced not only a woman but a man

Everyone knows that most women after born child, are reluctant to engage in intimacy or just refuse it and give all their energy and attention only a newborn. But recent research by specialists from Michigan (USA), it was found that with the representatives of the male half of humanity happens to be the same. Information was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

From information received, it became known that the study took the young fathers in the amount of 114 people. Scientists have been monitoring their sexual behavior during the 12 weeks after the appearance of a child. In the end it turned out that birth for the male half of the same shock as for women.

Everything else in the observations suggests that the sexual life of the couple begins later than previously thought. According to the statistics of the number of surveyed every third said that sex begins upon expiration of six weeks after the birth of a baby. The same number of participants returned to their sex life, after 7 to 12 weeks. Also according to statistics, every fifth pair provides intimacy not earlier than three months after childbirth.

According to experts, men are not sexually active, because of the falling levels of sex hormones responsible for the attraction to the partner. But after some time sex hormones reach the desired level. The reasons for the decrease in sexual activity on the part of the male half of humanity is also the fact that a new person in the family that initially disorienting. Also taken into consideration and everyday fatigue, etc. And according to the source the Journal of Sexual Medicine, is generally the main cause of produce lack of time!

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