After 5 years there will be leather jackets, grown in the laboratory

Vegetarians and environmentalists in the near future will be able to afford to "flaunt" in leather clothes. Company Modern Meadow is going to start to grow artificial skin in vitro, having made a breakthrough in the clothing industry. The company plans to also launch production of meat using three-dimensional bioprinter.

CEO Andras Forgach says that the structure of the skin is more simple than the meat, so from a technological point of view to start the research and manufacture better with it. For the creation of artificial natural leather will need to take the millions of cells from donor animals (cattle and exotic animals). After that, the cells will be multiplied in the bioreactors. After walking several "incarnations" of the artificial material of the cells will be placed in a bioreactor, where they will grow. After a few weeks of maturation, the cells of the skin to increase collagen fibers and cells "meat" will form a real muscle tissue. This final material can be used for the production of food and industrial products. Plus this skin will bespolostnoe soft cover that does not require tanning with toxic chemicals. In addition, there are ethical and environmental benefits of these products.

The only issue that concerns experts developers how to get such a huge number of cells to start mass production? However, with the support of billionaire Peter Thiel (founder of the largest electronic payment system PayPal) company Modern Meadow hopes to please the mods release unique leathers in 5 years. The developers expect to change public opinion not only to artificial skin, artificial meat.

At the moment the price of 1 gram of lab meat is estimated at $1000, but when you start mass production the price will be repeatedly reduced. This meat will be able to eat vegetarians and people who do not consume meat products based on religious beliefs.

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