After 30 years will begin mass rearing of children in test tubes

Scientists have made quite optimistic scientific statement: all through 30 years of birth can be held in laboratory conditions without the need of conceiving and carrying a child in the womb. Experts believe, classical deliveries will be rare, and science and technology will ensure the health of future babies.

Ectogenic technology for growing child in the artificial womb. The first scientific papers on this method date back to 2001. Until all tests are conducted on laboratory animals, the results are not reported.

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News on mass rearing of children in test tubes provoked a number of controversial opinions. Now there are supporters and opponents of the technology. The use of ectogenesis will avoid the natural complications of pregnancy. Ectogenesis is the ability to have your own child for women with abnormal development of the reproductive system. Opponents believe ectogenic something unnatural going against nature. Since ancient times, the birth associated with the sacrament of new life.

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