Aerobics helps in the treatment of asthma

Doctors warn asthmatics from serious physical exertion. Overvoltage can cause another panic attack. Scientists from the University of são Paulo propose to review the position on this issue, aerobics, they believe, enhances the quality of life with asthma. This reports Zee News.

The study involved volunteers with asthma aged 20-59 years. Scientists compared the benefit of breathing and aerobic exercises for 12 weeks. Patients were asked to choose one of the programs: daily classes breathing exercises or their combination with aerobic exercise on a treadmill twice a week.

At the end of the study, the researchers evaluated the degree of bronchial responsiveness in volunteers. This indicator reflects the rate of narrowing of the bronchi and the level of inflammation in them. Evaluated the levels of cytokines, compounds involved in the formation of the human immune system.

BGR decreased in the group of volunteers involved in aerobics twice a week in combination with daily breathing exercises. In addition, the researchers noticed the normal levels of several cytokines and increase saturability of the lungs with oxygen. The frequency of attacks has been reduced, and the quality of life of patients markedly improved markedly.

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