Aerobic exercise can slow the aging process

Daily conducting of cardio (interval training with high intensity loads), such as running, walking, contributes to increased levels of muscle proteins, which in turn increases the energy level of the body. Plus, these workouts and exercises help to increase muscle fibers, according to Zee News. The study was conducted by specialists from the Mayo Clinic (USA).

The most useful are aerobic exercise, the researchers found, are for people aged over 60 years. Their statements are based on the fact that aerobic exercises have a direct impact on the processes of aging at the cellular level. The achievement of older people begins to decrease the number of cell mitochondria, which are the so-called "energy substations" of the cell. In addition, the energy processes in the mitochondria slow down, due to which the cells do worse.

When performing interval training with high intensity is the stimulation of the synthesis of new protein structures. This, in turn, leads to improved work cells their speedy recovery, and thus help slow the aging process.

The researchers also note that in addition to aerobic exercises, some strength exercises, seniors will be able to improve the physical condition of your body and strengthen muscle strength.

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