Advertising plastic surgery clinics urged to ban British surgeons

The scandal with silicone defective PIP implants, the filler of which was industrial silicone, British specialists is haunted. This time, the leading plastic surgeons demanded the prohibition of any advertising plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons believe that this will help to limit the growth in the number of clinics with a dubious reputation.

Officials have already decided to proceed with the revision of the laws, which would be established regulation in the country of cosmetic surgery and plastic. The British Association of aesthetic plastic surgeons (BAAPS) was positively accepted this initiative, reported The Telegraph.

Plastic surgery clinics until recently conducted a very aggressive policy in attracting customers by giving club card, offered favourable conditions, a spread of different kinds of coupons for travelling and conducted lotteries, the main prize of which was a plastic surgery.

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Now BAAPS requires to introduce a ban on any advertising with respect to aesthetic surgery, revised, accepted the case of implants, to revise the classification of fillers (fillers wrinkle), adding them to the class of medicines. Experts also argue that the need for reformation of the system of registration directly practitioners, as well as to conduct security audits.

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