The increase in the number of alcohol-dependent among adolescents occurs due to the TV commercials, say researchers from Boston University. In many countries alcoholic products are openly advertised on major TV channels. Basically this ad draws the attention of the younger generation, says the Journal of Studies on Alcohol&Drugs.

The survey included adolescents aged 13 to 20 years. They were asked about their favorite TV shows and the advertising that is found on TV.

Teens who have not seen alcohol advertising on TV in General drank an average of 14 servings of alcohol per month. The presence of alcohol advertising on television in a particular country several times increases the volume of alcohol consumed among young people.

You should pay attention to the situation in Russia. Many trademarks went to the trick and advertise non-alcoholic beer. Usually, that drink does not contain alcohol, it is reported only at the very end of the video. Together with soft form and moving the whole main series of the company's products.

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