Advertising after 9pm affects our weight

In the UK doctors have established a link between advertising after 21 hours and obese adolescents. English doctors believe that advertising after this time must be limited to rescue children from excess weight. The head of the Royal College of paediatrics and child health Hilary Cass appealed to the authorities with a request to limit advertising of harmful food products, in order to reduce the influence of promotional products on the younger generation. According to Cass, the requirements for the content of advertising is too soft and can't stop the growing popularity of food with a high percentage of the capacity of sugar, salt and fat. The doctor is concerned about the statistics showing the growth of obesity in the UK, and considers their requirements necessary condition for the suspension of dangerous trends. According to Cass, should also be introduced taxes on soft drinks with high sugar content. Now in England it is impossible to display ads on malicious tempting foods in front of children's programs or after them, also banned such advertising during the series, which may be of interest to children. It should be noted that advertising Association does not agree with the treatment of H. Kass, considering that there is no evidence of harm advertising on adolescent health. Director of public relations sue Eustace'm sure there are more real causes of childhood obesity. Previously coalition supported the proposal to impose a tax on the fat, in order to reduce the number of deaths associated with cardiovascular disease.

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