Advantages of lingual braces

Braces... This word is the basis for nightmares girls all over the world. The appearance of your teeth with braces is the subject of ridicule over teenagers from peers and significantly reduces the demand for the fairer sex among men. Adults with already established way of life it is difficult to reconcile with wearing braces because of the inconvenience of having to change the bite and speech.

So what to do when the need to Shine a Hollywood smile competes with the lack of comfort, which take ordinary braces? Just install lingual!

So, recently braces are divided into two types: vestibular mounted on the external side of the teeth, and lingual - which are attached to the teeth on the inner side. Lingual braces is an indispensable tool in the change of malocclusion, however, they do not change your appearance at the time of wearing. To see them be a specialist dental office, or people from as close as the environment, inadvertently desired to see what you have in your mouth.

The advantages of invisible braces that is called "on the face", but also features their installation mass. Let's start with the fact that in Russia the installation of this kind of structures is performed recently, and a lot of people just don't know how to do it. It is quite possible that in the clinic, the dentist will begin to dissuade you from installing lingual braces, for the most part because of the reluctance to spend my time. It is therefore necessary not only to choose a clinic with a good reputation, but also to get acquainted with the qualifications of specialists.

The second step in preparation for the installation will be to adjust the condition of the teeth, which includes their treatment, in parallel to which, within from 14 to 60 days, experts will find braces to their plaster cast, to create the fixture for you.

Of course, lingual braces are much more expensive than regular, but their predominant quality significantly benefit primarily the fact that you don't have to be ashamed of your own smile! Besides, wearing lingual braces accelerates the process of changing bite. As for care, then do not worry - enough after each meal to clean your precious teeth that in relation to vestibular brackets.

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