Advantages and features a springless mattresses

It is well known that the productivity of a person in the daytime to a greater extent depends on how healthy his dream. The more comfortable he is, the less will be problems, people will not suffer various diseases, and the forces will be greater for new achievements.

Increasingly the quality of sleep depends on the mattress. Very popular springless mattresses, which have a structural feature. The thing is that it consists of a single block or several layers of natural materials, generally used natural and artificial fillers. They vary depending on the desired stiffness of the mattress.

The advantages of springless designs include:

- no metal parts, i.e., load and statistical stress on the spine;

- the mattress is going to be easy, flexible and mobile;

design no squeaks;

- can be used as cover for the sofa bed of the type to hide the hardness and roughness.

We note that springless design should be selected for each separately, because making a choice, you need to consider the age and weight of the potential owner. If your weight is 60 kilograms, the best option would be soft construction, as filler, it is recommended to choose polyurethane foam, natural latex. If weight more than 90 kg, you need to choose a hard mattress filled with coconut, artificial latex.

As for the springless design for a child, it is best suited hard mattress. Thus, it will act as a prevention of scoliosis, as well as the formation of good posture.

All springless mattresses are divided into several types, depending on the filling: coconut coir, latex, polyurethane and even seaweed. Here the choice in favor of one or another filler to do depending on their wishes.

And finally, it is worth noting, if you bought a new springless mattress, but I feel that not enough sleep on it, you should not torture yourself. It is best to change the filler, because you may need a more rigid structure, or Vice versa.

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