Adenoids in children: causes, symptoms, treatment

The accumulation of excessive amounts of lymphoid tissue, which provides clean breathing air from bacteria, germs and harmful viruses leads to the formation of the adenoids. This fabric, growing, becoming a hotbed of habitat and further development of harmful microorganisms, is the transformation of the defender of the human body in his enemy. As a result of such undesirable developments suffers immune system of the child, he begins to get sick more often with colds. If the doctor diagnosed the baby increased adenoids, in any case assigned to treatment. And that's what it is, the specialist decides on the basis of the seriousness of the situation and possible threats to the life of a child.

As a rule, adenoids in children, increased in conjunction with the development of this insidious disease like angina. If the child in the nasal cavity are enlarged adenoids, it becomes difficult to inhale and exhale through the nose. In the nasopharynx constantly drains pus and mucus, further making it difficult to breath, sleep becomes restless., develop numerous inflammatory processes. The child can be a headache, his voice becomes hoarse, settled, some nasal. In the later stages observed smoothing nasolabial folds, deformation of the skull, thorax. From the corners constantly open mouth dripping saliva, and under the nose develops eczema. To prevent the development of such serious consequences, you should consult a doctor immediately, as soon as there is the slightest suspicion increased adenoids. It is very important to start treatment!

As soon as in the course of the examination, the doctor suspects the child has adenoids, he would be assigned to the passage of the necessary research that will confirm or disprove the diagnosis of a specialist. After the final diagnosis, the doctor prescribes drugs that act on the treatment of the inflammatory process. Then, traditional medicine involves the only way the final deliverance of the child from enlarged adenoids - remove them by surgery.

In the initial stages of adenoiditis good effect is the treatment of adenoids in children laser and nasal lavage special antiseptics. In recent years, there is another efficient way of solving this problem is cryotherapy. The size of the adenoids is significantly reduced after 2-3 sessions this painless procedure. Special criancada that specialist enters into the nasal cavity, primordial adenoids.

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If lymphoid tissue is growing and growing, classical medicine calls for adenoidectomy, as the most effective method of solving problems. However, today, are becoming increasingly popular bloodless treatment methods adenoiditis. Doctors call an alternative to scalpel laser, which allows you to affect the tissue of point and quickly eliminate foci of inflammation. The laser is used to remove the adenoids in children of any age.

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