Addiction to certain alcoholic drinks is incorporated in the person at the genetic level

Scientists have found a link between addiction to alcohol and the presence in the genome of certain genes. As it turned out, the presence of genes for the love of alcohol and genes that are responsible for the bitter taste form the craving for alcohol, writes The Daily Mail. Some genes affect the way we like a certain drink or not.

Some people say that beer is very bitter. Someone just doesn't understand how you can touch to this drink. In the second case we can speak about a special variation of genes bitter taste TAS2R13 and TAS2R38. These genes are responsible for the taste buds.

In addition, the formation of preferences to certain alcoholic drinks affect TRPV1 gene. He is responsible for the burning sensation on the tongue. Someone this feeling like it, some don't. Many alcoholic drinks leave a burning feeling and bitterness.

If we talk about alcohol dependence, it is formed not only under the influence of genes. Like any other drug addiction, it is due to the systematic consumption of alcohol. You should limit yourself to drinking alcohol, to maintain their health for years to come.

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