Acute pancreatitis - symptoms and treatment

Pancreatitis is a serious disease of the pancreas. Its cause is an inflammatory process that violates the secretory function of the gland. Due to modern environmental conditions, alcohol use, Smoking and drinking large quantities of fatty foods, the number of patients with acute pancreatitis is increasing. These common factors is applied genetic predisposition, increasing the risk of disease. Also some viral infections and medicines for their treatment, can cause pancreatitis.

There are two forms of pancreatitis. This is an acute and chronic. In acute patient appears sharp pain in left abdomen, frequent vomiting. As a consequence comes intoxication and dehydration decreases blood pressure. The person may lose consciousness. There may come a collapse and death. Chronic disease is similar, but stretched in time. The initial stage lasts about 10 years. Therefore, the main symptom in the initial stages of the disease are pain after eating.

For the diagnosis of pancreatitis are complex procedures, including ultrasound and CT. But the patient is awaiting examination by a gastroenterologist, cardiologist and endocrinologist.

Pancreatitis treatment is mainly aimed at the suppression of pain and further normalization of the digestive functions of the body. Diet for acute pancreatitis or chronic entails refraining from eating for two days. Only alkaline mineral water, broth hips or weak tea by the Cup 5 times a day. Then gradually people increases the amount of food and goes first on a limited diet, and then at full power.

Diet does not imply the waiver of any products for life, but a man must eat, sparing the stomach, liver and pancreas. Food should be 5-tirusulam, small portions. Thorough chewing of food is extremely necessary. This reduces the required volume of juice for the digestion of food.

But still there is a unique set of products, which have almost completely avoided, since they cause disease exacerbation. For each patient the list of such products is unique. In General, we can say that it is fatty and spicy foods, strong tea and coffee, alcohol. Some juices and cereals, and juices can also affect health.

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