Acute intestinal obstruction - symptoms and treatment

This pathological condition, such as intestinal obstruction is a hazard to human life. Violated the promotion of food from the stomach towards the rectum, due to various inflammatory processes, or can be an independent disease.

Dynamic intestinal obstruction affects people with disordered motor function of the intestine, the Contents of the stops in the intestine due to peritonitis, renal or biliary colic, tumors of the spinal cord and brain, after operations, injuries, poisoning by heavy metals. Happens mechanical intestinal obstruction, which creates a cork from a foreign body: feces or tumor, adhesions, volvulus or nodes in any part of the intestine.

Symptoms of obstruction:

• Colicky or constant pains in the abdomen that occurs suddenly without specific localization. Pain does not depend on food intake.

• Bloating with uncontrollable vomiting.

• Lack of gas and stool.

For diagnosis, the doctor proctologist holds palpation, percussion and auscultation of the abdomen, heart and lungs, measures blood pressure. Performed x-ray (sometimes with contrast agent) and ultrasound. Learn more about what can help the doctor proctologist, please click here.


With small bowel obstruction patients urgently hospitalized in the surgical Department, so how does dehydration requiring immediate compensate for the huge losses of fluid and electrolytes through therapy, which begin during the transportation of the patient. Running intravenous infusion of drugs such as glucose solution (5%), isotonic solution of sodium chloride, polyglucin - 1,5-2 litres

To examination by the doctor do not give laxatives, do not perform enemas and gastric lavage and not injected with painkillers.

In the hospital gastrointestinal contents are sucked off by a thin probe inserted through the nose. In the presence of enhanced peristalsis enter antispasmodics. When a small effect from conservative therapy perform emergency surgery: cut spikes, spin inversion, perform dinagalu, resection of the intestine in the presence of necrosis, impose intestinal fistula, for discharge of the contents of the intestine in the presence of a tumor of the colon.

After surgery, normalizes water-salt and protein metabolism intravenous injections of saline and solutions that replaces the blood. Running anti-inflammatory anticoagulatory therapy, stimulation of the motor-evacuation function of the gastrointestinal tract.

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