Acute dental pain - what to do?

Toothache is one of the most difficult transferred kinds of pain in humans. It is for a short period of time can drastically reduce quality of life and disrupt the normal processes of life.

In that case, if an attack of acute pain in the tooth happened at night, you have two options: to use the "dental home" or to try to alleviate and stop pain improvised means.

In some cases, a good therapeutic effect have drugs that have analgesic effects, such as analgin, Nise, sedalgin and many others.

However, there are several recipes related to folk medicine:

- rinse mouth with warm water with baking soda for five or ten minutes (the solution is prepared at the rate of one tablespoon of regular baking soda in a glass of warm water), to enhance the analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions can be added to a solution of soda two or three drops of iodine alcohol solution;

- to take by mouth a certain amount of vodka and keep the liquid over an area of the patient's tooth (analgesic effect should occur in a short time, due to the fact that the gums will absorb the required amount of alcohol and it will be the local anesthesia);

- to take by mouth and suck a small piece of ice (due to the action of cold, nerves, located in the gums numb and there will be a temporary effect of anesthesia);

- attachment of the root of plantain to the cheek in the patient's tooth, will help to reduce, and in some cases to remove pain, for about thirty minutes;

- rinse the mouth, and especially the patient's tooth with a decoction of chamomile or sage has simultaneously a slight pain and a good anti-inflammatory effect;

- infusion made with marjoram, also for some time can dull the pain.

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However, all of these methods are only able to reduce the severity of this symptom of a pathological condition in the tooth as the tooth pain. They docked the symptoms and not fight the cause. Therefore, in the event of a severe toothache, the best solution would be to have recourse to a competent doctor.

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